The Afternoon Session

The elephants at the Kulen Elephant Forest have spent most of their lives working in the tourism industry and are enjoying a long-awaited and well-deserved retirement. Here in the forest, they can finally roam free and unburdened. They will rediscover relationships, natural foods they haven’t eaten in years, and receive the best of care.


Our mission is to provide our residents with a happy and comfortable retirement but also to offer a fun, educational approach to elephant conservation and contribute as much as possible to preserving the remaining elephants of Cambodia.


Just indulging elephants.

From preparing healthy snacks to a walk through the forest and a refreshing swim, this experience is a good way to learn more about their version of a good time.

As the sun begins to set, have a picnic in the wild and say goodbye to the elephants before heading back to town.


Depart from Siem Reap at around 12:00 and return at around 18:15

 Duration    12:00 and return at around 18:15
 This package includes  Transport, Tea/Coffee and a Picnic
 Maximum Group Size  12 Visitors
 Price  USD 80 / Per Person

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