Sunrise 1-Day Tour to Angkor Wat

Watch the sunrise over the calm jungle that encloses Angkor Wat before visiting the major attractions in this sprawling temple complex. Let your private guide show you the way and give you a great sense of Angkor Wat on this 1-day tour.

Angkor Wat sits silently in the morning mist. This sprawling temple complex, built in the 12th century, is a true wonder of the world, and if you have only one day to visit its massive complex, it's best to follow your private tour guide around for a fascinating look into the history and mystery of this magnificent lost temple.

Beginning at sunrise, you will be amazed by the peace and quiet before the major tour groups arrive. Contemplate the meaning as the sun gently washes over the jungle, and your guide begins to share the story of this great place. Angkor Wat means "City of Buddhist" and was changed from the original Parama Vishnuloka.

As the sun moves higher, you will head to the beautiful Ta Prohm temple, nestled gently inside of enormous fig trees, and built in 1186. From here you will move in the afternoon to the last formal capital of the Khmer Empire, "Angkor Thom," which you can see from the South Gate. From here you will move to Baphuon, Phimean Akas, the Elephant Terrace & the terrace of Leper King and the beauty Bayon temple before climbing up the hill "Phnom Bakheng" to see the fabulous view of the Angkor area.

It is a day to be inspired and amazed, and a great overview of this very special temple.

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