Sunrise at Angkor Wat

My friend and I had a very limited time in Siem Reap and missing Angkor Wat wasn't an option. So, we booked a sunrise tour through to Smart Sinn Travel.

We had the great pleasure of having Siya as our guide and Darel as our driver. Siya was knowledgeable, funny (we crowned him king of the dad joke), efficient, and a great photographer. Like I menioned earlier, we had a very tight schedule. Siya understood that we wanted to see as much as we could in the shortest amount of time as possible, and he took us the 3 temples and a walk to see other ruins. We saw a lot in a short period of time. We watched the sunrise on Angkor Wat (which is lovely) and then Siya got to the business of showing us around in a timely manner. There were times we had to drive from one temple to the next and when we got to the car, Darel always had a "springroll" for us which is a refrigerated wet, rolled cloth. THANK YOU, Darel! It was a serious lifesaver because it was HOT and this was before 1030am. I can't imagine how hot it gets by midday, but I digress.

Siya was an excellent guide. We did a private tour so it was just the three of us. If at all possible, I highly recommend doing a private tour. It would have been frustrating to be at the mercy of others taking pictures, etc. I also recommend seeing the sunrise, although I heard the sunset is even more stunning.

Siya made sure we got the best pictures and even showed us how to take fun/beautiful panoramic ones. He's a gem, and anyone who is lucky enough to have him as a guide will be happy they did.

*Side note: We saw people riding elephants at Angkor Wat. PLEASE don't be gross and ride elephants. Simply google why it's not okay to ride elephants if you don't already know what a barbaric practice it is.


NIKKI S Visited December 2018

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